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Video: My Name is Nathan. I have Tourette Syndrome Plus ADHD/OCD

Hi.  My Name is Nathan.  I have Tourette Syndrome Plus:  NeurologicallyGifted.com“Hi, My Name is Nathan.  I have Tourette Syndrome Plus” is a video presentation by our son who is now 12 years old.  Nathan talks about Tourette Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  He describes each disorder and how they challenge him everyday.  He shares what people around him can expect from him as well as what they can do to help him.  Nathan was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome Plus when he was 5 years old.  Since then Nathan has been active in spreading awareness to promote the understanding of his disorder.  Thank you to Nathan for this contribution to Tourette Syndrome awareness.  He truly is a brave, strong and caring boy.  Please share his message with everyone.

My Name is Nathan.  I have Tourette Syndrome Plus.

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11 thoughts on “Video: My Name is Nathan. I have Tourette Syndrome Plus ADHD/OCD”

  1. My son was diagnosed at age 5 with PDD NOS, Aspergers, ADD, OCD Anxiety disorder, and depression.
    He has a learning disability. He receives speech/language and occupational therapy 2X a week. Although I do realise my son has difficulties, education is definitely not an issue as far as I am concerned.. however his first grade teachers do not agree.
    I think today’s schools curriculums are unrealistic. I mean what they expect out of our children with disabilities and or with OUT disabilities are so hard.. I mean what ever happened. kindergarten teachers are required to teach addiction subtraction SPANISH?! He had no nap in any grade. He is in first grade and by the time he gets off the bus he is required to do one math sheet read and write 10-14 different vocabulary words draw a picture of story then eat dinner take bath/ shower… it is hard being a kid.

  2. Nathan,
    Phenomenal! I have an 11-year old with Tourette’s. You are helping people to understand and that is VERY important. With a good understanding, those tics become almost invisible. When I look at you, I see a handsome, bright, regular kid, just like my son. But knowing what you go through, I also see a total hero. Seriously. You. Are. Amazing. With a good attitude (as much as you can), your very presence in this world will contribute more than you can even imagine. Everybody wants to be normal, right? Well, really, there IS no such thing as normal. There’s just common and uncommon. As I tell my son, you are UNcommon. Keep your spirits up because the world needs uncommon people with good attitudes, possibly more than it needs anything else. No exaggeration, you are very, VERY important.

    Alllllllllll the best,

    1. Diana, thank you so much for taking the time to write this to Nathan. I am going to write it out and post it in his room for him to see everyday. It will mean so much to him when he’s struggling. It sounds like your son has a very accepting and understanding mom. Keep up the great outlook and thank you for caring. Julie

  3. Hi Nathan! Thank you so very much for explaining Tourette Syndrome, ADHD & OCD. I was not only moved but further informed. You are brave, smart and wonderful! My 8 year old son was diagnosed at 4. I understand that many are not diagnosed as young as you both! He as well has the same three diagnosis’ as you 🙂 I am going to show him your video when he comes home from school! It helps him know that he is not alone! Thank you!

    Well here it goes…………….this 12 year old boy is the mirror image of our son. It has been a long bumpy LONELY road to recovery for the 4 of us as a family unit and I am sharing this to spread awareness about Tourette Syndrome and OCD. It is something I would NOT wish any other family to endure. The monsters Garrison deals with in his own head are very scary and we are managing them and on the road to better days. Our biggest challenge now that we are in a better place mentally we can now talk more openly about our son and his demons and so can he. Please take the time to watch Nathan( a very brave boy as is our Garrison) and read the article that goes with it………………..not every child having a meltdown can be categorized as a brat …………..or disrespectful…………Our Garrison did not ask to be born with mental illness. But he has it and we are learning to live and cope with the illness. However the stigma around mental illness is an even bigger MONSTER we have to defeat so I ask please join the fight to end the stigma around mental illness …………………if you cant see it, it doesn’t mean its not there. Thank you to those who cared enough to read my rant and feel free to share this post. Lots of love from the Miller family (Mike, Laurie, Garrison and Miah)

  5. Has this child ever been tested for a strep infection? ASO titers AntiDNAse antibodies and a throat swab?

    My daughter was misdiagnosed with OCD/Tics that was finally diagnosed as P.A.N.D.A.S. (Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with Strep). She was and is still being treated with Augmentin. After four days her throat clearing/head tilting tic WENT away and stayed away. As well as the intrusive thoughts/OCD.
    I am also a nurse and would not have believed this unless I saw it with my own two eyes.
    Please mention this disorder to this family. It could help.

    1. Hi Andrea, We are the child’s parents and yes we did explore this as well. We had him tested and treated. Unfortunately for Nathan, treatment for PANDAS didn’t work. I am also a RN. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Hi Nathen! You are an amazing young man. It is refreshing to see such courage and strength. I was diagnosed with Tourette’s and A.D.D. when I was 7 years old. I am now 27. I find it very difficult to explain my tics to others in detail and you make it look so easy.
    I have 3 little girls ages 6-1 years old and if any one of them (or all) have Tourette’s I hope that they will grow up with the same courage you have shown and not be ashamed of who they are. You are a beautiful soul! Thank you so much for sharing and keep on shining!

  7. You made a great video about Tourette’s, ADHD, and OCD. My children have these syndromes as well, but I learned something new hearing you speak. You are very brave. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I am sure it will help many people understand these conditions better. Keep up the good work!

  8. Very well done. My son is 7 and shares many of the tics that Nathan does. He does not have any body to relate to(other then myself, however my tics have eased ALOT since childhood) and I am excited to show him this so he can see and hear someone. What a brave young man. Thank you for sharing this.

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