Mandeep Neurologically Gifted

@Random Tourette Syndrome Video: Mandeep

Explain the unexplainable.  Tourette Syndrome is not one thing.  It is many things.

Mandeep Neurologically GiftedMandeep is a young adult who has struggled with his Tourette Syndrome Plus symptoms throughout his life.  We met Mandeep at a Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada Conference years ago and we are honoured to call him a friend.  He is an inspiration to all the children for his gentleness and encouraging presence.  We wish for the best for Mandeep knowing he has a strong soul that must withstand the tremendous challenges his differences bring.

This is Mandeep’s Tourette Syndrome Story

mandeep from Darrin Klimek on Vimeo.

Visit www.atrandom for a unique enlightening Tourette Syndrome Video Experience.

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