Liam Ontario Doctors Neurologically Gifted

@Random Tourette Syndrome Video: Liam A Challenging Child

Liam.  A Challenging Child is a Tourette Syndrome video documentary that follows a mother’s courageous journey to understand and support the complex developmental needs of her TS Plus son.  I share this short video during my presentations to illustrate the perspective of a parent as she strives to work cooperatively with the educational system in supporting the challenging and intense behaviours presented by her son.


Liam Ontario Doctors Neurologically Gifted

Liam and his family has  generously donated their story and time to participate in an advertisement for the Ontario Medical Association campaign in 2011. His posters were featured in transit shelters, and in newspapers and magazines.  Liam and his family’s efforts bring much needed awareness to children’s mental health.  Thank you from all of us at Neurologically Gifted!


Here is the campaign commercial!


@Random Tourette Syndrome Video:  The project features the inspirational — and sometimes heartwrenching — testimonies of individuals and families affected by Tourette Syndrome.  The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) paired up with the advertising agency Saachi & Saachi to make Canadians aware of what Tourette Syndrome (TS) really is.  Many people think that it’s simply the “swearing disease,” but Tourette Syndrome is many things:  physical tics, vocal outbursts, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety attacks, sometimes all at once.  Tourette Syndrome (TS) affects millions of North Americans directly and indirectly.  It is an inherited neurological (brain based) disorder characterized by involuntary tics.  Often these tics are mild, like blinking, shrugging, or grimacing.  But sometimes they’re more complex, with other behaviours, like Obsessional Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders.  The range and  complexity of the tics, and the randomness of how they appear, can be confusing for people unfamiliar with TS.  While there are therapies and treatments that can help minimize tics, there is no cure for Tourette Syndrome.

It is a remarkably difficult and complex disorder to understand and explain. This became the goal of the @Random Tourette Syndrome Documentaryexplain the unexplainable.  Tourette Syndrome is not one thing.  It is many things.  The TSFC decided to tell as many real TS stories as they could, in a way that mimics the unpredictable nature of the disorder.

@random Tourette Syndrome Video Neurologically GiftedSaatchi & Saatchi worked with filmmakers and TS families across Canada to create dozens of films about real people with TS. Then, to evoke the disorder’s unpredictable nature, these shorter films were randomly arranged online to make up larger documentaries. Every time someone visits @Random, they see a new collection of stories, making each viewing totally different and unique, just like TS.

Visit www.atrandom for a unique enlightening Tourette Syndrome Video Experience.

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One thought on “@Random Tourette Syndrome Video: Liam A Challenging Child”

  1. Wow! This video was like watching my son Eddie when he was almost the exact same age as Liam. He too was diagnosed at kindergarten age. He has TS with Coprolalia, etc… He is now 12, just had a birthday April 12. They are almost identical in how they were treated (you said no-one treated him in a way to make him feel badly, but they did… at one point his teacher or one of the aide’s called his behavior crazy. Over time, that takes it toll on these poor kids and their self esteem.) And probably how they still are being treated. We are still fighting that battle here in the states as well. It’s no better here.
    My son and I are very close too. We are their advocates, as it should be, but some days I need bigger wings. I would love to stay in touch. You may email me at (I live in Pennsylvania, along the east coast, very close to Philadelphia. Maybe the boys could be friends online. )
    Right now he’s into Lego’s of course and Parkour videos. So, I look forward to hearing back from you! But this video was great! I hope that someone decides to do this here in the states. I keep saying I need to video my son so the school and the doctors can see him in his “natural setting” ticking away happily while he plays video games or whatever. I just can never get caught up or time to myself. One day right!?

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