Texas holdem free ipad app, screenshots

I believe this was due to multiple accounts under the same "nickname". Your game mechanics are great but who likes to lose 10 or 15 hands before they finally win one? In a test of over 20 tables and multiple hands I observed the players who won the most. Very realistic and challenging!

Computer always seems to pull away with unbelievable full houses, or trips, or flushes. The computer doesn't favor anyone, it's just how you play the game. During a "server maintenance" my level was changed to level 7.

Scam Apr 9, Nicknameqazapv Just is roulette easy money previous one star reviews state this game Bends the odds in favor of those who pay. I've actually lost games because the hand did not close properly.


I would highly recommend this unbiasedly as a solid time passer and a good way to learn the ropes of poker, as well. Try takes u back to black screen.

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Currently I am constantly having to tap hard to get it to play a new hand. The only problem I've had is that it occasionally locks up. If it looks like u play and hit screen it goes dark and every thing u.

It gives you a real life experience playing Texas Hold Em.

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As for all of those other reviews that complain about the game being all about luck: Excellent for those who enjoy poker but don't want to gamble Dec 1, peebzus I downloaded a number of poker apps before I settled on this one, and for obvious reasons. I didn't tested this theory by purchasing 20K worth of coins within my first three hands I have one with my highest hand yet a straight flush.

Texas Holdem Sep 25, Scanner Nanner Love game but can't get it to load until I mess with it for 10 or so minutes. These players would bet unreasonably hi amounts pre-flop and the table would turn in their favor. Aug 28, SantainSarasota I enjoy this app a lot and play it everyday. It may be programmed to limit the "earnings" people make from the casinos.

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This game allows you to socialize with not only a huge cross-compatible community on different devices but also to connect with your friends on Facebook and enjoy the fun of poker, rather than gambling away real money at a casino or through a pay system. I folded on a hand with to other computer players still in the hand on Lucky 7s. I just had to download and reinstall this app again!

Consequently, I lost all the points I had accumulated and had to start over. Players level up by playing and I was a Level I wanted a game where I could gamble fake money with more then just the computer.

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If I chose the wrong game by accident u take my winnings. Ilay this game every day. I've also had problems with it not closing hands when the final bet was made. I have now had to reload this app a second time because it locks up. It keeps locking up. Do not waste time on this app or any other poker app for that matter they are all rigged to get you to spend more money. This is my second review of this app.

I still like the game but would like it better if these bugs were fixed! Have played several games at last casino where I never received a playable hand and just get beat because of the blinds. Real poker isn't this bad. Play it every day! This is just a different median of playing a classic card game. I've had to do this at least 4 times now. Decent Until Last Couple of Casinos Oct 26, TheFooz Been playing this for quite a while, and recently after last patch have continued to get bad beats, or just never receive a good hand.

It is impossible to win. Calculating ev and equity is pointless when hundreds of kids with their parents credit cards are buying millions in coins so they can rid any competition with reckless abandon. After reaching a total score ofit locked up and I had to uninstall and reinstall it.

Looks like they have resoled most of the bugs. People like to play games of all kinds because they like to win. They just kept checking each other and the hand would not close. I play 2 hands fold 6 lose all and win one hand out of approx I have been playing it now for over a year and it appears they have fixed the bugs I referred to earlier.

Well, I know mine was because I play almost daily. This app is a monument to mediocrity and the posers pretending like Vegas card sharks. Fix the programming and I'll re-rate, but until then, it seems pretty broken. Even if you were at a real texas holdem free ipad app your hand is solely based on luck.

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I've had other times when I would call a raise and then my opponent would raise again when the hand should have been completed. I hope you can smooth things out as it is a nice game.

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