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Our New Normal: Parenting Our Child with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, ODD – YouTube

Our New Normal:  That is…Our Response to Nathan’s Always Normal

Every day, Nathan struggles with a wide variety of ever changing symptoms of equally ever changing intensities.

His tourette tics wax and wane from being mildly annoying to being physically paralyzing, a nuisance ache or a unrelenting pain.  His obsessions may cause preoccupation of his thoughts or become front and centre to his attention.  He can be impulsive causing him to look thoughtless or hurtful to others sometimes hurting himself or others by accident, without thinking first.  His vocal tics may be a soft interruption or a frequent sudden shrill scream.  Sometimes his brain prevents him from getting anything he really wants or needs because it can’t…and will not…accept assistance.  He is most often negative, outwardly appearing angry even if he may truly be sad, scared, tired, frustrated and embarrassed.  Of course he is..…his disorders are anything but easy for anyone….Especially HIM!

New Normal NeurologicallyGifted.comHe has Tourette Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

As a family, we have to find some successes over his challenges every day so that we all can all continue to grow and learn and understand.

Our New Normal Philosophy:

Reframe Your Reality, Reframe things Positively, Change Your Perspective.

You can’t change what happens but you can change how you see it.

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Join us in our quest for understanding.  Open your hearts and minds and wander into our New Normal:

Please help us spread awareness and share with your friends, family, social and professional circles and stay tuned.