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Psycopg can issue asynchronous queries to a PostgreSQL database.

Psycopg instead enables cooperative multithreading by allowing the registration of a wait callback using the psycopg2. The replication protocol can be operated on both synchronous and asynchronous connections.

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Slot wrapper python did a bunch of cleanups for static code helpers. Remove more instances of mentions of 3. It can be retrieved either by the second column of the cursor. When a wait callback is registered, Psycopg will use libpq non-blocking calls instead of the regular blocking ones, and will delegate to the callback the responsibility to wait for the socket to become readable or writable.

Note that the payload is only available from PostgreSQL 9.

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A simple application could poll the connection from time to time to check if something new has arrived. Thinking of future inlining, maybe part of a locals scope was going to be in multiple functions, that ought to not be affected.

Remove frame preservation and restoration of exceptions. This was of course a bit of work. Therefore I made a global registry of locals scopes, and working on those, I checked its variables, if they can be forward propagated, and do this not per module, but after all the modules have been done.

Compilation to keep nodes in memory for both tracing the usage as a locals dict and temporary slot wrapper python, wasn't going to help scaling at all.

But it's ugly and a burden. Removed some Python 3. The following is an example loop using methods fileno and poll together with the Python select function in order to carry on asynchronous operations with Psycopg: Right now, so for this week, after a first prototype was making the replacement of local dict assignment and references for Python2, and kind of worked through my buildbots, flawlessly, I slot wrapper python noticed that it would require some refactoring to not depend on the locals scopes to be only in one of the trace collections.

This will speed up the un-cached case on Windows by a fair bit.

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Fix, for uninstalled Python versions wheels that linked against the Python3 library as opposed to Python3X, it was not found. Also updated to 3. Allow passing options from distutils to Nuitka compilation via setup options.


It's purpose is to sit in the class dictionary to give a descriptor that removes the self arg from the call. The replication protocol is built on top of the client-server protocol and can be operated using libpq, as such it can be also operated by psycopg2.

This aims at supporting manylinux containers, which are supposed to be used for creating widely usable binary wheels for Linux. This is not production code — it has no error handling, it sends feedback too often, etc.

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The object can check that the protocol is ISQLQuote, in which case it can return self if the object also implements getquoted or a suitable wrapper object. Added support for cyclic imports.

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New Features Added experimental support for Python 3. I will try and make links to previous issues where applicable. But the undecorated function should be there for full compatibility.

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Once I did that, I was interested to see the effect, but to my horror, I noticed, that memory was not released for the locals dict nodes. So that was problematic of course. The writing will not be too high quality at times.

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Summary This release marks important progress, as the locals dictionary tracing is a huge step ahead in terms of correctness and proper optimization. Therefore, programmers are advised to either avoid sharing connections between coroutines or to use a library-friendly lock to synchronize shared connections, e.

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I will aim to do roughly weekly or bi-weekly reports, where I highlight things that are going on, newly found issues, hotfixes, all the things Nuitka. This time I am getting more intense. Obviously, there will currently be cases, where nodes becomes unused, but they are not finalized yet.

For a solution, I started to add a finalize method, which released the links for locals scopes, when they are fully propagated, on the next run. If implementing the ISQLQuote interface directly in the object is not an option maybe because the object to adapt comes from a third party libraryslot wrapper python can use an adaptation function, taking the object to be adapted as argument and returning a conforming object.

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The extras module contains several examples of connection and cursor subclasses. Type Hints Question Then, asking about type hints, I got the usual question about Nuitka going to use it. There is now a subscript of type, and foremost the async syntax became way more liberal, so it is more complex for Nuitka to make out if it is a coroutine due to something happening inside a generator declared inside of it.

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But it would need no change. Then I will check feedback from the list, if any.

This prevented Tkinter compilation. The garbage collector can handle some of this, but seems I was getting past that. Also, often this is more manual, because part of the node is to be released, but one child is re-used.