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Tourette Syndrome of Canada Conference 2013

Medicate Symptoms of my Disorder?  Should I?

Instructional tools from Social Thinking:  Teacher’s Review

Gifted:  Self-aware

Learning From Kids With Challenging Behaviour: The First Day

Tourette Syndrome Documentary:

Discovering You Are Neurologically Gifted

Tourette Syndrome Plus Class Presentation

Support Your Child’s Learning at Home

World Suicide Prevention Day Sept 10

Tourette Syndrome Plus Conference 2013

School Meetings: How To Make Them Easier

@Random:  Mandeep

Oxytocin and Attachment

Fantastic Tourette Syndrome Plus Conference

Where Tics and Compulsions Meet

Using Positive Language For Success

Coprolalia Part 1:  The Nature of Coprolalia

Coprolalia Part 2:  Coping With Coprolalia

Coprolalia Part 3:  Taking Action on Coprolalia

Using Memory Strips for Success

Emotional Dysregulation

Mental Health Challenges in Neurological Disorder

Taking on Rage 1:  About Rage

Coprolalia Myths Demystified

Taking on Rage 2:  Look, Listen and Focus

Taking on Rage 3:  Talk About Rage

@Random Tourette Syndrome Documentary:  An Afternoon With Gord

Taking on Rage 4:  Prepare a Plan

Perfect Video:  An Alternative View of Tourette Syndrome Plus

@Random Tourette Syndrome Video:  Shane Fistell

@Random Tourette Syndrome Video:  Liam A Challenging Child

Our New Normal: Parenting Our Child With Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, ODD

Why Is My Child Mean?!?

The Birthday Cake:  Lessons From Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ODD

In The News:  Neurologically Gifted’s Nathan Spratt on Camp Winston

 Video:  My Name is Nathan and I have Tourette Syndrome Plus

Our New Normal:  Video from 2015 Tourette Syndrome Conference

Understanding Challenges in Neurological Disorder

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