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@Random Tourette Syndrome Documentary: Gord

@Random Tourette Syndrome Documentary:

An Afternoon with Gord.


Gord Brown is a baseball fan, a traveller, a “postie” and a conscientious friend.   To our Neurologically Gifted family, he is a  dear friend.  We first met Gord when Nathan was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in 2006.  Reaching out for support and information, we found Gord.  A long time and committed volunteer of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, he devotes his free time to supporting and educating others.  Gord participated with the TSFC and Saatchi and Saatchi to make a short film as part of a documentary to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding Tourette Syndrome.  Gord’s film, An Afternoon with Gord, is one of the many films that make up the complete Tourette Syndrome documentary @Random.

@random Tourette Syndrome Documentary Neurologically Gifted

Each film is different, just like Tourette Syndrome.

Oh yeah!  And he happens to have Tourette Syndrome himself.  But that’s just a little part of Gord and who cares about the tics?

As a successful, kind and caring adult, Gord is a role model for others who have challenges with Tourette Syndrome.

This is An Afternoon with Gord.


Explain the unexplainable.  Tourette Syndrome is not one thing.  It is many things.  Visit www.atrandom for a unique enlightening Tourette Syndrome Documentary Experience.

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