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Perfect Video: An Alternate View of Tourette Syndrome Plus

Perfect is the short film from filmmaker Karim Ayari of Ottawa, Ontario, who has Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive-compulsive Disorder himself.  Karim captures his experience with Tourette Syndrome Plus this fictional and witty film.  We met Karim in 2013 at the TSFC National Conference on Tourette Syndrome Plus.

Perfect screenshot Neurologically GiftedPerfect Synopsis:  Julius Quicklax meets with his psychologist following what he considered to be a disastrous first date due to his involuntary tics. “Perfect” is a quirky comedy about one man’s attempt to free himself of any flaws, only to learn that perfection can mean many things.

 The Film:


Perfect (Short Film) from Jith Paul on Vimeo.

Written / directed by Karim Ayari
Produced by Jith Paul / Karim Ayari
Starring Richard Gélinas, Mélodie Courval, Ron Tarrant, Jennifer Vallance, Nicolas Brosseau, Jules Michael Masterson, Jeffrey Feguson, Jacynthe Bigras
Director of Photography Karim Ayari
First Assistant Director Jith Paul
Wardrobe and Production Design: Jacynthe Bigras
Additional Cinematography: Nicolas Séguin
Edited / graded/ mixed by Karim Ayari
Motion graphics by Jith Paul

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