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I understand that casinos stay open by not giving away all their money.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Gee, what could go wrong? No fridge or microwave in the rooms.

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If you just need a hotel to stay at in the area, and no other hotel have vacancies, staying here is marginally better than sleeping in your car. This was the worst casino experience I've ever had.

And the ripoff experience wasn't just me. The air conditioner constantly turns off and on all night, and it's loud. The Map below shows every stop serviced on this route.

Paradise Casino

Schedules are subject to change without notice. I don't know how a place like this can legally stay open with how tight they are.

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Click on any stop name to see a description and close up photo of the stop location. They're run by the same tribe. Save your money for Nevada, or even Arizona. As such, you're left to trust whoever is operating the casino.

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This will update the map to show you a visual representation of the route and stops the bus follows on that day and time. If you're in the area, do yourself a huge favor and book a room at regular hotel. But this place is tight beyond excuse. Make sure and select the day of week to see an accurate list of routes and stops.

Also, the rooms are cramped, noisy, and the beds are terrible.

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However, if you're curious about gambling here, DON'T!