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When Indonesian odds are positive they are interpretted in the same manner as Hong Kong odds, so Indonesian odds of 2. Whether you're into baseball, football, basketball, or racing, you will find odds in all three formats and a great range of markets to wager on and with our handy sports betting calculator, things couldn't be easier!

This represents the probability with which the underlying event would need to occur to justify those odds. Becoming less popular online. The odds converter gambling always gets a bigger payout when they assume a greater risk.

Plus, it will help you to avoid making silly mistakes like placing big bets on events that actually have bad odds. Win More At OnlineGambling. Tell you the amount of profit relative to your stake if you win your bets.

Malay odds of Convey the total amount you will receive if you win, including the return of your stake. Fractional format to moneyline This is another conversion that requires two different calculations.

It represents the number of dollars that would be returned if the bet wins including the initial stake. Moneyline Odds Used by most US bookmakers.

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It represents the number of units that would be collected won in excess of the initial stake were the bet to win. This is the last of the calculations for odds conversion.

Hong Kong odds of 0. We hope you make good use of our sportsbetting odds calculator and our odds converter app on this page. What are the different types of odds? Here is a moneyline for football: Odds can change very quickly, sometimes even updating while events are in-play.

If the same NFL game were listed using the fractional system it would look like this: Expected value is the total amount that a punter can expect to win or possibly lose when they place a wager on the same odds multiple times over.

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You now have all the tools you need to convert odds between any of the formats. The amount of cash that you make, your profit, is your payout.

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How do I read sports betting odds? Frequently Asked Questions How do sports betting odds work? US-style odds most common, not surprisingly, found in the United States are quoted as either a positive or a negative number.

US Style or "Moneyline".

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As you can see, regardless of the format of the betting lines, the payout is the automaten casino spiele. You must be able to read the odds listed in order to understand how much you will make on a dedo salsa casino. Expected value is calculated by multiplying your winning probability with the amount you could win per wager, then subtracting the losing probability multiplied by the amount lost mgm detroit slot payouts bet.

Negative moneylines work in the exact opposite way.

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Once again using the same example from the NFL, the decimal odds would be displayed in this manner: Associated with any given odds quotation is the win probability implied by those odds. The odds equivalent in all other formats will then be shown, as well as your expected profit, odds, and payout.

Yes, it is a bit complicated to understand, but that is the nature of the beast when it comes to moneyline odds. If you take the Bears, the odds would be 1: This actually translates to 1. How do I calculate my potential winnings?

Finally, on European shores, decimal odds are often the preferred choice. From there, you divide the right-hand side — one — by the total figure — three — giving the answer of For example, NFL odds will virtually always be shown initially, at least in the American format because the viewing audience is predominantly based in the USA.

When quoted as a positive number the odds figure represents the unit amount a player would win were he to risk units. When quoted as a negative number the odds figure represents the unit amount a bettor would need to risk in order to win 1 units.

The first number will show how much you can win, when you place the second amount as a wager. In all odds formats even odds bets may be quoted as "Even", odds converter gambling or 'Ev.

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On this page you'll be able to convert sports betting odds using our sports betting calculator across the three different formats, or convert chance of winning percentages to each of the different formats, hassle-free and in a flash.

Using Indonesian-style odds, an even odds bet would be quoted as 1. When quoted as a negative number the betting odds figure represents the unit amount a bettor would need to risk in order to win units. Decimal odds of 1.