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Inside we see typical Slot-it components with the motor equipped with a 9 tooth pinion that turns a 28 tooth crown gear. I have not seen where you would need to change this motor, but Slot-it does have a wide range of power-plants to choose from.

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Even after I tried re-seating them by hand, there were still a couple small areas that just would not set right. Then a small flat tip screwdriver will easily pop it free and in seconds your ready for non-magnet action. Such is the case here as the minute I opened the box I was very impressed.

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According to Scalextric-USA it will accept either inline or sidewinder motors. Maxima noleggio slot, out of the box with the caps in place makes the front axle sit in the raised position where I feel it should be.

On our new NINCO 2 lane layout, this car had just fox news 9pm slot little more magnetic traction and control was just as precise using the standard 55 ohm plus controllers.

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Sanding these tires were needed to get the full contact patch I wanted, but this can be said for just about every model on the market today. For myself, this Le Mans Nissan really does not hold much prototype favor but there are many Le Mans fans out there that remember this model and the popularity of cars like this continues to grow.

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Although they use a smaller c-shaped magnet, we like this lighter magnet set-up. Both the rear wheels on my sample were as round and true as you could ask for.


The very latest model from Slot-it has arrived here after months of waiting. The motor is the same 25, V12 found in the recent Porsches, and provides you with plenty of power.

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Underneath we find that only 2 screws mount the body to the chassis. This allows you to remove them and introduce varying degrees of front axle vertical free-play. The magnet is easily removed without much trouble. The rear wheels are the Slot-it turned aluminum that are mounted to the axle using a set Allen screw.

The size wrench you need is a. Slot-it makes very good axles, motors and gear systems that many choose to replace the ones found on other brands of cars.

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It was important to make sure the tires were clean and true, but the important thing was that the model was still very smooth and showed no signs of bent axles or out of round wheels. The rear turned aluminum wheels and true axles make this car very smooth to drive maxima noleggio slot out of the box and is surprisingly quiet as well.


Personally, this motor is more than roulette design for our normal home racing and we plan on keeping the original. The level of detail Slot-it has put into this Nissan should please just about any slot car enthusiast.

The wheels and tires themselves are of course some of the main players with the performance of this model.

This is an excellent average on our Artin 4 lane layout and working with different set-ups will most likely yield an even faster car.