Instructional Tools From Social Thinking: A Teacher's Review.

Instructional tools from Social Thinking: Teacher’s Review

Social Detective

The Social Detective story lays the foundation for teaching students about cause and effect, to understand that other people actually think about them and what they do or say.  The Superflex story then builds on the learning gained from Social Detective.  The Superflex story uses 14 characters (villains) to personify challenging  behaviours and make students self aware.  By becoming familiar with the villains’ traits, students gain understanding through concrete concepts.  Although the story and characters are fictitious, this teaching approach is effective, especially with students with learning challenges as they are often less able to grasp abstract concepts.  The characters allow the teacher to describe and discuss abstract concepts in a concrete way.  This second book addresses self reflection, self regulation, and flexible thinking.

Instructional Thinking Superflex Curriculum: Neurologically Gifted Social Thinking

The teacher’s resource for Superflex ,Superflex… A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum“, contains three useful lesson plans,  worksheets (“funwork”), visuals and reporting tools (e.g. a Family Report Card), and a digital copies on a DVD.  The resources utilize the skills taught in the book, engaging students to reflect and apply skills.  They provide a terrific vehicle to transfer classroom learning to the home environment, which is so important to optimize successes.

The Superflex takes on the Unthinkables poster hangs at our son’s bedside.  As we settle down for the night we often refer to the unthinkables as we debrief a difficult situation that occurred during the day further entrenching his understanding of how his and others’ brains work.  As he points out when unthinkables pop into our brains during the day, he is learning and practicing his social thinking!

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