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It was your review that brought this book to my attention. It was a bit harder to get to know Stephen but hopefully we will find out a little bit more about him in the second book. And yea, there was no gay-bashing mentioned but noone got anything free either. I would love to get more of Stephen's "closet" or not problems with his job.

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January 1, Amy I absolutely adore the story! Review will shown on site after approval Other books by GlitterBomb! Stephen is 38 and a closeted cop, who one night drives home Zach, who is 26 - with 21 looks - and is proudly flamboyant.

But so cute and sweet I wish this had been more than a novella?

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Because of it Zach loses his lift home and cheekily persuades Steven to take him home in his squad car. Does that sound like a story to you? Jessica Review will shown on site after approval.

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This one felt a bit like the first chapter of a longer novel oh, I wish because although the arc is complete, the movement in the story felt small. While it ends very much on a hopeful note, I want to truly see them get their happy ending.

Ah yes, the date is better than the best, and both men are gob-smacked. I think the author succeeded in writing a flamboyant character who is not a caricature of himself.

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Zach believes in taking chances; gambling on maybe fae sutherland epub believes in gambling on maybe, just maybe it might work out. That kind of thing totally confuses straight-laced cop Stephen whose spent most of his career coming off as the straight confirmed bachelor.

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Zach was fantastic and so cute with his Officer Hotness. Zach is an absolute sweetie and Stevie is yum! Zach has a depth which is wonderfully refreshing, once again reminding us that we can't always judge a book by its cover.

For such a short story, the characterizations are rich and descriptive. On to the next story! He is an amazing character and just what Stevie needed to brighten up his dull life. The bad thing happens and Zach is warned off. Another feel good shorty that brought a smile to my face! To me it seemed like a prologue to great story, maybe fleshed out with some friends and a bit of danger and more back story about Stevie and Zach.

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Even with the vast differences between them, they complete each other, fitting together in so many unexpected ways that it forces Stephen to consider feelings he's never considered before Zach and, thankfully, he is brave enough to face them.

Stevie is firmly locked in the closet, a sad and lonely figure, which is something the astute Zach recognises in him and duly plans and schemes to get his Officer Hotness into his apartment and into his bed! I say boy, his name is Zach and he was actually 26 but barely looked legal and I suppose to Stevie at 38 he probably did look like a boy!

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January 1, Heller This? He seems so care-free and at the same time being smitten to burly Sergeant Stephen Miranda, who is kind and willing to gamble on maybe because he's been alone all these years. Zachary West is 26 years old and about as out and proud as his cute little self can possibly be!

Stephen is a bit reluctant at the beginning, but he's also tired of hiding, and Zach ignites his passion and also makes him consider a different future for himself, if he is able to take that risk.

He is also very perceptive, behind all his glitter. What each of them needs is a little bit of the other man in their lives.

Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews You can now also find us on As everyone has noted, this is just plain too short and stops right when the interesting part of the story would be starting. I never heard the word a sentence "It totes so", ever!

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Zach can read Stephen like a book, he knows exactly what Stephen wants and while he could have come across as a vain vapid party-boy, he does care about Stephen and tries to do what is the best for him, even if it breaks his own heart in the process. Zach has got to go on my list of favorite flamboyant characters and the romance was adorable.

He had me rolling, from his lime green shorts with YUM written across the butt in pink lettering, and his fast one-liners. This part moved their relationship along and it was hot. Zach, the glittery guy wasn't that annoying and I liked Stephen.

May be you will be interested in other books by Fae Sutherland:

When you need a smile in your day, this is the perfect short read to lift your spirits. Recommended for anyone looking for a light, fast read with more than a few giggles.

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Not everyone is strong enough to be true to themselves, regardless of the consequences. If casino royal z ffe need some cheer and a smile, please jump on in and meet Zach and Stevie!

Perhaps the reason I liked Zach so much was he has the traits that I think some of us wish we had, very true to ourselves, not getting bogged down in the minutiae and just enjoying life to the fullest.

Second time I've read this now and it was just as enjoyable. I do hope someday we'll see more of these guys, preferably in a longer form that would allow more interaction and emotional growth and changes in between the hotness.

Haha…Over the weekend, I made a promise to myself to cut down on my exclamation point usage, but hell…promise broken already! January 1, Ilhem Sweet, sex and fun! The text flew like a waterfall before my eyes, it had a very quick pace.

Zach is an absolute sweetie and Stevie is yum! If this series gets enlarged to a book, than a little angst and trouble would be interesting.

Now if this book had been about the cover guy I'd be all over it! This is short, sexy and fun! There was a bit of heartbreak. From the very first un-zip of his knee-high boot, Zach had me smiling and rooting for him!

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January 1, Vivian This was a smile when I needed it. Considering the length' its amazing how much is packed in to this book and it's surprising how quickly you bond with these two sexy guys!