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A Night to Remember -Leave a Lava Crystal running at home about 1k blocks away, run out of LP in your network, and have no way to refill it without running all the way back Achievement Get!: Walking is for Suckers ftb trophy slots a system of teleporters to different destinations.

Galactic Orbital Launcher -Same as above, but in space! The Dirt Pick !

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Wooden Wonderland -Build wooden structures in the nether. Coercive Acts Force a villager to go into a Smeltery Moon or it didn't happen! Mystcraft with no Linking Book all over again! Honorable Exit -Have other mobs or villagers observe your heroic moon bound space flight.

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Yes I say this in chat a lot Complete Achievement Get!: Villager Bartering -Barter with a villager for any supply. Let's get this party started -Collect 10 zombie and 10 skeleton spawners, as well as 5 spider and 5 creeper spawners.

Just you and me -Fight a wither with iron armor, you may use the weapon of your choice and ftb trophy slots potions, but you may not use a machine to kill the wither Achievement Get!: All your bases belong to us.

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A home away from home, you could say Achievement Get!: Hands-Free Herding -Successfully establish an Ars Magica containment, breeding, butchering, and collection station through sigils and a Magic Broom. Crafter Extraordinaire -Automate the creation of every block and item available in survival.

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Honor for Columbia -Establish communications of some sort be creative! Half-Magellan -Travel 3, blocks from your designated home base during an expedition.

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Division by Diamond -Obtain an unstable ingot which has a doomsday casino ruby slippers. There's no place like home -Travel atleast blocks away from your base Achievement Get!: Orbital Ftb trophy slots -Create a full paper Hammer with knockback, and launch a passive mob into oblivion!

Old-School Create a nether portal without utilizing the breaking of obsidian in any way; aka. Axe me anything - First tool type of a new material is an axe.

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I forgot on a hostile mob. Complete because of lag Achievement Get!: The Cow that Jumped over the Moon -Bring a cow with you somehow on the Moon, and let it survive and thrive.

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Intergalactic Ivan -Detonate a nuclear warhead on the Moon or Mars. Basically Creative -Get Deep Storage Units for every item and block obtainable in survival, and fill all wwe raw valley view casino them completely.

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Hot tub skinny dipping -Fall into lava and die Complete Achievement Get!: Neil Armstrong -Land on the moon, and successfully return without dying. Don't push the red button -Accidentally create a huge disaster in your base, you can't curse or rage when it happens. Intergalactic Love -Successfully breed two animals and make a baby on the moon, Mars, or in a spaceship.

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ISS Mark Two -Create a Space Station, and make it as similar as your Overworld base as you can, with whatever machines or power generations, farms etc. Fatal Push -Push a pig off a cliff.

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Smooth Flow -Be able to produce an infinite flow of Water. Also make sure to have armor, weapons, etc. Hum of the Ftb trophy slots -Begin oil refining for your spaceship. Not Quite Heartless -Witness a skeleton kill a mob that is attacking you.

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With no manual input. Social Democracy -Make sure your animals are in a comfortable living area, full of tall grass, flowers, trees etc. National Address Publicly address your casino worker costume villagers while standing in-front of a pedestal of some sort.

Professional Marksman -Eliminate a skeleton using a TiC bow.

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Division by Industrial Diamond -Obtain an unstable ingot via industrial diamond if possible. Make them all be craftable via Applied Energistics System.

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You'll never learn, You'll never learn- You're past the point of no return.