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Although it has captured the right feel for a fairytale, the relentless flutes are jarring on the ears and after a few minutes you're ready to turn your sound off for the rest of the game.

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Given the average volatility of Ella Mental, your initial chances of scoring any sort of big cash prizes are actually not that high. As you can see, the basic rules of Ella Mental are extremely classic. The Princess herself as the wild symbol has more than a hint of Disney artwork about her, and she is immediately recognisable as a Cinderella lookalike, while the Fairy Godmother is somewhat younger and more beautiful than she appeared in the Disney classic!

The soundtrack, on the other hand, is a bit of a let-down in this video slot. The symbols themselves perfectly capture the essence of the pseudo-Cinderella story, with instantly recognisable characters from the handsome prince to the ugly stepsisters themselves.

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With its clever play on words to reflect its translation into the world of online pokies, this fun filled slot may have a child-like appeal, but there's nothing childish about its impressive bonus features which open the potential for a major cash-out if the luck of the fairy godmother is on your side.

Each one of them comes with its own rules. Then carry on and read this full review.

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Failed spins also have a chance of triggering a chain reaction, which is a series of free respins that will last until you finally land a cash prize. When playing all-in, the game jackpot stands at credits in total.

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As for the paytable, it contains both card icons and some more original symbols such as radioactive waste, machine parts, strange alien creatures and so on. Mini Games to Spice Things Up Ella Mental makes up for its very average base game with a plethora of fun bonus features.

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You will either have to conduct some complex experiment or stockpile uranium batteries, for example, to win extra cash prizes or multiple free spins. When you find at least 3 bonus scatters on the reels of Ella Mental, the mini game selection stage begins.

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The command buttons that you will need to adjust your settings are all located under the reels, including the autoplay switch. The iconic glass slippers also make an appearance, and even the classic letter symbols have seen a fairy-tale themed overhaul, featuring little intertwined pumpkins and a magical sparkle as if they were enchanted.

Want to know much, much more? The possibilities are nearly endless here, and we encourage you to check out these bonus games as soon as you can in Ella Mental.

Your Very Own Fairy Godmother

Your Very Own Fairy Godmother Spinderella's Riches excels in its fairy-tale theming, with the graphics being one of the highlights of this game. Pick phials on the shelf to determine which of the 3 exclusive mini games you get to play. The beautifully designed background conjures up classic images of fairy stories, with its cottage in a wood setting and the castle towering in the distance.

Winning spins with a high stake also unlock a simple double-or-nothing mini game.