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In the Bonus Dungeon, the player can choose to take a pot that can mix items instantly as a prize for defeating the Lord Dragon quest 8 casino items The Dragovians. Players are able to take photos in the game. After recovery, Jessica reveals what her possessor had planned, as well as giving it a name -- RhapthorneThe Lord of Darkness.

Unlike the original Japanese version, the North American and European localisations of the game mark a departure from previous Dragon Quest titles, due to the inclusion of voice acting in certain parts of the adventure pertaining to the advancement of the storyline.

Marcello picks up the sceptre, but manages to resist Lord Rhapthorne's evil influence. On the day of the wedding, the Hero manages to slip into the cathedral with Yangus' help. His spirit was trapped in the Trodain sceptre that Dhoulmagus possessed in the beginning of the game.

Angelo - Angelo is one of Maella Abbey's Templar knights and the fourth party member. Concluding that something else must be maintaining the curse, they return to Argonia again, with Jessica picking up the sceptre as they exit. Later in the game, the pot is upgraded to hold three items, allowing additional, even more powerful recipes.

Dhoulmagus - Dhoulmagus is a jester who, in order to get revenge on those who insulted him, stole a magical sceptre from Trodain Castle. This "time" only advances as the party moves. Ashamed for his actions, the maiden's father went with his only surviving kin, as the mouse Munchie.

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After reuniting with his three friends, the hero sets sail for Savella Cathedral with the king and princess. There is an automap feature in dungeons, and complete maps of all towns. The party finally tracks down Dhoulmagus to the Dark Ruinsonly to find a powerful dark magic barrier preventing them from entering.

His soul had previously been imprisoned inside the sceptre by the Seven Sages, and he plots to remove the seals by killing their heirs as soon as possible. An invalid recipe will be rejected immediately without consuming the items, allowing the player to experiment to find new recipes.

Chests and special encounters with tameable monsters can be found in the overworld. The Hero is eventually joined on his quest by three companions: Journey of the Cursed King. It is highly implied that he and Red had a romantic relationship prior to the events in the game. On the advice of Marek, the party enlists the aid of the Godbird Empyrea. Sir Leopold - He is the spoiled dog of the great magician Dominico.

Morrie 3DS only - Morrie is the quirky and energetic owner of the Monster Arena who has an especially soft spot for the Hero. It is also revealed that he is supposed to be married by arrangement to Princess Medea, due to a promise made many years ago.

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Though unable to live with the strict moral code of the Templars, with his lust for gambling and women especially Jessicahe is faithfully devoted to Abbot Francisco. It can optionally be switched to a first-person view.

The newlywed couple come out of the cathedral together and embrace each other, much to the surprise of the other party members. She travels with the heroes by pulling the cart with their supplies. In the process of gaining the mirror, the party is asked to aid the current heir to the Kingdom of Argonia, Prince Charmlesin dragon quest 8 casino items initiation, a task that involves him in retrieving an Argon heart from a lizard in the royal hunting ground.

The princess's wedding Seven months later, the Hero is assigned to escort Princess Medea to her arranged wedding with Prince Charmles of Argonia. After the battle, Dominico's barrier is able to release Jessica from her possession, knocking her unconscious. New scenarios such as further back story for both the Hero and Dhoulmagus.

While searching for her, the party enters a town called Arcadiaarriving just in time to save a magician named Dominico from an apparently-possessed Jessica wielding the sceptre. With the cursed artifact, he transforms the inhabitants of Trodain into plant-like statues, as well as changing the king into a toad-like monster and the princess into a horse, while covering the majority of the castle in large, green magical thorns.

The Journey of the Cursed King, dropping the sequel number. His mother was a Dragovian maiden who escaped to the human world and met Clavius' older brother, but her father did not agree to the relationship and took her home. The hero was born shortly afterward, but sentenced to exile in the human world, as his birth took the life of his mother. Like the Hero, he is a party member from the start of the game.

Prince Charmles meets with the entourage personally, and forbids the party from attending the ceremony within the Cathedral.

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In dragon quest 8 casino items few cases, the character's displayed clothing will change to reflect their other equipment, although it usually stays the same. However, when he attempted to unleash its power, it overwhelmed him, and allowed Rhapthorne to take over his body.

The Hero escapes, and finds the Princess at the cathedral courtyard waiting for him. She also has an associate in the black market who she bought Princess Medea in horse form from, Dodgy Dave. A new type of quest called "Photo Quests" have been added, where the player is tasked to take pictures of rare monsters and hidden items.

Characters are shown holding their equipped weapons, in an appropriate posture. They return to Trodain in a carriage steered by King Trode, and live happily ever after. Alternate ending An "alternate ending" can be achieved once the first ending has been viewed, which unlocks the Dragovian Realm. The cutscene of David being forced to eat the dog food by Dominico is changed.

He destroys Neos to raise the Black Citadel from beneath it, and raises it into the sky to stage his attack upon the world. The prince first forces the party to fight increasingly large Argon Lizards on his behalf, each time considering the hearts dropped to be too small, and then after finally being satisfied with the crystal dropped from a huge Great Argon Lizardchanges his mind and buys an even larger fake from a black market dealer.

Upon defeating the Dragovian lord, who had become mad after trying to abandon his human form, gives the Hero his father's ring. The secret of the sceptre The next morning, the Hero and the others find to their surprise that Jessica is missing.

She is playable in the 3DS version after the finishing the Pirate's Cove dungeon. Tension will increase the power level of their next attack or spell. An old woman named Martawho happens to be the one of the two remaining heirs, lives in the wintry countryside.

He assumes his position of the Lord High Priest thereafter. Click 'show' to display, otherwise run away! With only two heirs left to kill, the possessed Sir Leopold absconds to the snowy mountain valley of the north.

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Only the lead character is displayed in the map view, however. The heroes battle their way through the Citadel and defeat Rhapthorne in his first body, triggering the Citadel itself to crumble in an attempt to destroy them. With this opening, the resulting events that Marcello causes will set the stage for the fate of the world to be decided.

Vehicles Vehicles are shown at their actual size, and the world map is scaled down appropriately when they are in use. She and the Hero are close childhood friends. Also, it is not normally shown on the display. He then separates into three identical doppelgangers sushi bar crown casino himself and attacks.

She seeks to avenge her brother Alistair, who is slain by Dhoulmagus. All recipes the player has discovered are listed in a "recipe book" accessed through the alchemy menu; recipes which are only partially known from a clue will have some item names replaced with "????. However, the Princess is nowhere to be found.

Jessica - Jessica is dragon quest 8 casino items voluptuous, short-tempered, and tomboyish sorceress born to a wealthy family in the town of Alexandria, and the third party member.

If successful, the hero's true origins are revealed, and the alternate ending will replace the first ending, where the player defeats Rhapthorne again. He always has a posse of bunny girls at his side, albeit Marrie is his favorite, much to Merrie's chagrin. A group of fighters from Baccaratwho wish to slay Dhoulmagus in retaliation for the murder of the town's mayor, Golding, also arrive at the ruins and advise the party to seek the Magic Mirror of Argonia in order to enter the ruins.

This device can be used to combine two items into a third usually more powerful item following various recipes. Meanwhile, Marcello the new Abbot, and Angelo's half-brother enters, and frames the party for attempting to assassinate the Lord High Priest, and has them exiled to Purgatory Island. Tension can be charged repeatedly up to 4 levelsincreasing attack power in each stage.