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His widow, Sophia Hensel Bremertook over management of the family properties and with the three Bremer children she would continue to play an influential role in Bremerton for many years.

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The Bangor facility, which had served as a humble ammunition depot from untilsuddenly became the new center for military construction and spending on the Kitsap Peninsula. Sears, Montgomery Ward, Nordstrom Place Two, Woolworth, and Rite Aid all closed their downtown Bremerton stores in the s and early s, and soon the commercial core of the city consisted of street after street of empty windows staring out from empty spaces.

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The respite was temporary -- when a truce was signed in JulyBremerton entered an extended period of stasis, to be followed three decades later by a steep decline. This Town for Sale The navy's overbearing attitude and charges of rampant immorality really bothered William Bremer, who had put his money and his good name into the town, and by early fall of he'd had enough.

The rumors came true, but the hope of a windfall generally did not.

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Prostitution, gambling, drunkenness, opium, muggings -- the panoply of human temptation and weakness -- were present from the beginning. Bywhen the national unemployment rate was still well over 14 percent of the labor force, Bremerton's stood at just 6.

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But there were a few bright spots. But disputes about the merits of individual art works aside, the welcoming civic atmosphere, city-sponsored programs, relatively low prices for commercial space, and a core of established artists, galleries, clearwater casino bremerton workshops should ensure that Bremerton's art scene continues to make major contributions to the city's eclectic personality.

An election in January returned Croxton as mayor and seated A.

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It continued to issue threats and broadsides, and expanded the circle of blame to Seattle, describing it as "a harbor for all of the bad elements of lumber camps, mining camps and seaport towns, and In September the navy raised the American flag over its land, and three months later, on December 10, Bremer filed a acre plat for a new town named, somewhat immodestly, "Bremerton.

Studies by two presidential commissions, one of which included Ambrose Wyckoff, concluded that the southern shore of Point Turner had everything necessary for a naval base: The economy was not particularly bad during the s, but the city took on a somewhat desolate and semi-abandoned air simply because it had been overbuilt during the war years.

Penney building and most of the downtown core still sat vacant.

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Soon the town was sprouting businesses of all kinds. In that same year, the adoption of a Comprehensive Plan gave additional impetus to the city's revitalization efforts. Homesteading loggers who had struggled for years to eke out a living now hoped that their property was worth many times what it would have brought just months earlier.

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Five of America's warships damaged during the Pearl Harbor attack of December 7,were towed or limped under their own power into what was then called Navy Yard Puget Sound for repair. The history of Bremerton and that of the navy base have always been inextricably entwined, with the fortunes of the former highly dependent on the activities of the latter.

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Stires, Thomas DriscollJ. And although it had refused Bremer's earlier offer, the federal government in decided to buy up what clearwater casino bremerton been Bremerton's "tenderloin" district, from Front Street down to the waterfront.

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One year later, in Decemberwork began on the station's first dry dock, a foot-long "graving" dock capable of handling the navy's largest ships.