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Please note that if you acquire one of our free Player Card s, you will not need to register again on future visits.

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Details of our opening times The tronc represents a significant proportion of staff remuneration. Berlin is a very attractive destination combining modernity and authenticity. There are three different table games playable: Here in Berlin, we think individual style is more important than strict regulations. I did learn from him that the taxi is from and the he himself is 74 years old.

Theaters, operas, restaurants, pubs, bars and so much more are available for those who want to live some unforgettable casino potsdamer platz dresscode in the capital! Other players called my bet. The Sternenberg is the club of the venue. In the casino potsdamer platz dresscode area ground floor and table games area first floor smoking is prohibited.

I saw players wearing sunglasses, white suites and Punk haircuts next to the poker tables and I am sure they were all gladly admitted to the casino.

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It is customary to show your pleasure at winning by giving the croupier a chip. And it is almost impossible to get a hold of him during the day. At some point we lost interest, and decided to take a Taxi to the Casino Berlin in Potsdamerplatz. You can also choose from our menu.

Any encounter with him had to be spontaneous. Our establishment near the Berlin television tower also features roulette and blackjack tables and a Pokerfloor.

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He was finally asked to leave casino potsdamer platz dresscode table and his seat was quickly occupied by someone else. The Casino Royal's Baccara Bar on the second floor of our establishment at Potsdamer Platz awaits you with an extensive and exclusive selection of spirits from around the world. All of our four establishments have well-equipped bars and some can also serve you small snacks.

So I went in and sat next to the owner, Werner. Packages guided casino tour: I raised again and the other players went all in.

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I thought this was exaggerated, and also from my experience it is not common, and decided to pay in cash. As it worked out, though, last night I made plans with a friend to visit the WestSpiel casino at the Alexanderplatz. You surely won't miss the Brandenburg Gate and the Museum of Pergame. We have put together three different packages that you can book for yourself or give as gifts.

And then another ace. But as the dealer shoved the small mountain chips towards me across the table, a feeling of great happiness came over me.

Potsdamer Platz:

The table games level at the casino Berlin Potsdamerplatz is very large. For more information on this casino, please click here.

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All packages include a tour of the casino, instructions on how to play and lucky chips. There are two land-based casinos in Berlin: We sipped our beers leisurely while thinking about our next step. The dealer mistakenly handed over the pot to one of the players, while it was the guy sitting next to me who had the winning hand.

My friend wanted to stay a bit longer. Most players had on a buttoned down dress shirt, either with jeans or dress pants and I have not seen any sneakers in the table games or poker areas.

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This ended up being one of the best nights of my trip to all European casinos, despite the fact that I lost a lot of chips learning how to play poker that night. Casino Berlin also has a way of being elegant, without being too formal, which I found very appealing. Poker Casino Berlin Potsdamerplatz At least 10 poker tables were in operation on the ground floor.

There is a smoking lounge in the table games area, but not in the poker area, although it is only a short walk from there to the slots area, where smoking is permitted. Numerous events are held there on a regular basis.

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Even though the tables were busy, it was conspicuously quiet. I had to change more cash into chips. Although not officially required, you will not feel over dressed with a jacket. I drew a flush and raised my bet. Still, a warning sign came on in my head: Practically no noise other than the ringing of the chips. But there was one that, for obvious reasons, stood out and immediately caught my eye: In addition to slot machines, our flagship casino at Potsdamer Platz also boasts a Pokerfloor with Germany's largest poker program and the Casino Royal, where our croupiers will be pleased to welcome you to the roulette and blackjack tables.

Presentation of the Casino Berlin Potsdamer Platz (Spielbank)

Long trousers and closed footwear, however, remain obligatory for gentlemen. I was very impressed with the ambience here. Presentation of the Casino Berlin Potsdamer Platz Spielbank The three-storied building of the Casino of Berlin is home to slot machines and electronic rouleā€¦ The three-storied building of the Casino of Berlin is home to slot machines and electronic roulettes in an elegant and comfortable environment.

Smoking in Casino Berlin Smoking is allowed in the slot machines area on the basement level of the casino.

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I was very tensed as I heard myself say when it was time to lay down my cards: My friend bought us a couple of beers and we retreated to the glass-enclosed smoking lounge. I showed my cards, two queens. A less formal look is more than welcome in the other areas of the casino and on the Pokerfloor.

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We finely decided against roulette, and for heading back to the poker area. There is no such thing as risk-free gambling. Tips given to the staff at casino gambling tables are collected to form a common fund, a so-called 'tronc'. I guess it was my lucky night after all. The answer was unfortunately no. I like the way the reception area was decorated, with the characteristic red and black colors, and play chips embedded in the floor.


Table Games Casino Berlin Potsdamerplatz My buddy is a self-proclaimed casino potsdamer platz dresscode expert, so we skipped the poker tables, and went directly to the first floor, where the classic table games are located. My friend and I quickly realized that we will have to give up the idea of blackjack for the time being, because the tables were simply too crowded.

Entrance to our three other establishments in Berlin is free. Spielbank Berlin has five establishments in Berlin. Even though my friend is a long-time Berliner, we had problems finding the casino. Please note that all visitors must be at least 18 years of age. Receive the offers of my favorite casinos by email Presentation of the Casino Berlin Potsdamer Platz Spielbank The three-storied building of the Casino of Berlin is home to slot machines and electronic roulettes in an elegant and comfortable environment.