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Some customers specifically wait for a special treat a treat icon will briefly appear by their order. Interior Upgrades Interior upgrades are necessary to increase a customer's patience and waiting time, as well as their tip amount.

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This is when those items should be upgraded; either by decreasing their preparation time or increasing their price. In other restaurants, they are more of a luxury and make the restaurant more enjoyable to play, but aren't needed to pass restaurant levels with 3 stars. Customers get impatient if they are kept waiting too long.

You will initially earn 2 gems and then a maximum of 7 gems. Our Automatic Machine guide below will let you know when you should buy the machine.

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Use our restaurant links at top of page to get upgrade recommendations. This strategy will not only get you a higher Daily Income, it will also speed up how quickly you advance belle terra casino buffet Experience Points XP.


You can upgrade this area to increase the number of portions that can be prepared at once and how quickly the preparation time will take. Kitchen upgrades are a necessity to passing levels.

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This should allow you to pass levels with one star. But if you want to try to play without spending your own money, there are still ways to accumulate enough gems.

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But the most important thing to do is avoid buying a new restaurant just because it has become available! Restaurants are purchased using Gems and Coins you've earned or bought. Restaurant Level Completion Bonus: You usually only have one or two Tabletop slots open; upgrading makes more slots available.

The more points you earn, the higher your star rating will be. These are, however, only suggestions.

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Click here more more details on Experience Points. In some restaurants, they are a necessity in order to pass levels with 3 stars. You don't automatically get the income; you have to manually click on the Claim button to get the Daily Income from each restaurant.

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We only play the casino twice per day if we're super low on gems, because of the large amount of coins needed to play the casino twice per day. Welcome Back Reward - Open the game up every day even if you don't want to play the game every day.

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You earn XP when you upgrade Kitchen and Interior items. Use cupcakes to boost your score Remember, you can travel to Paradise Island by clicking on the cruise ship Take a visit tomorrow for a welcome back bonus Prepare as much food as possible in advance You can increase the daily income of your restaurants by completing more levels Try to upgrade your kitchen appliances first The interior items aren't just there to look pretty Running out of time?

It may be a bowl of soup, a balloon, or popcorn, etc. An Automatic food machine will become available for several restaurants. That way you will only be serving 2 customers at a time and they will hopefully be happier. You can replay levels as much as you want to earn additional coins.

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You will be rewarded with 2 gems every day after returning for 9 consecutive days. Their happiness increases each time they are served, and they will wait longer for the rest of their items biggest casino in sofia be served.

You receive coins each consecutive day you return to the game. Some customers will briefly ask for these treats randomly during their wait for food. This should be while you are on Level in the Fast Food Restaurant. The internet is full of websites that claim to have a cheat or a hack to get unlimited free gems.

Place prepared food at the same position on the cooking table top each time. You will need to click the Claim button in order to receive your reward. That's the only real way to "cheat" and the only way the developers of this great game make money. Get a jump start on each level by cooking main ingredients before the first customer arrives. If a customer is ordering more than one menu item, serve one item to each customer at a time.

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Special Offers As you progress through the game, you will occasionally receive offers that either reduce the purchase price of a restaurant or special upgrade or a reduced-price upgrade. New restaurants become available as you increase your XP level. Our individual restaurant pages provide a list of each task and the Game Achievements list can be found here.

It will improve your score immediately Always try to cook as many dishes as you can simultaneously Don't miss your special offer - it will improve your score Kitchen upgrades will make your game easier and more enjoyable Find some levels particularly hard?

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You actually have to leave the game and come back to receive the Welcome Back daily reward. Each restaurant has a list of tasks, which increase your XP and give you coins as you complete them. Several restaurants will not become available for purchase until you have a specific XP level.

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