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A firefight started, the Enclave arriving and taking Morning Glory.

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It isn't specified if this was its original purpose, but the Blackjack was a flying casino with an item shop and a healer making their services available. Most of the party members wander about here.

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Her mother Gin Rummy was head of Stable security, a role that Blackjack was set to inherit due to Stable 99's hereditary job odds of 10 black in a row roulette system; as with all mares in the Stable, she grew up without any contact or input with her father, as colts simply filled a reproductive role in society.

The Blackjack breaking apart. After a trip to a museum which involved Blackjack getting drunk and blackjack falcon a group trying to claim the bounty, where she also gelded one of the stallions, Blackjack recovered her equipment after saving a group of ponies from one of the Zodiacs.

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Setzer reactivates the Falcon. He advised Blackjack and P, urging them both to make some friends. All but two of the zebras died from their wounds, and Blackjack herself was left at death's door.

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After fighting some slavers, sparing one named Roses who had a daughter named Thorn, Blackjack had a breakdown where she pulled a gun on P and Morning Glory. Bandits attacked the ship, and Blackjack told the filly to hide while she held them off despite her injuries. After a brush with enervation in the Hoofington tunnels, however, Blackjack was left crippled and only able to walk with braces on her legs.

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They got the program decoded, and discovered they had to return to Stable 99 if they wanted to track its intended destination. It is then that the Goddess took blackjack falcon Blackjack's mind and wished to use her and Lucunae against Littlepip, though the Stable Dweller killed the Goddess before this could happen.

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It is unknown as to why the old man did this, though worth noting that this old man slot definition blackjack falcon francais not found in Kohlingen during the World of Balance, so perhaps he was only visiting Kohlingen with Setzer.

After dealing with some radigators, and discovering more about Big Macintosh and his marauders, Blackjack and company find themselves at the Fluttershy Medical Centre, where the Society and Collegiate are disputing who should control the old hospital.

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She made peace with P during the trip, finally able to understand what he had gone through in Stable 99, and spent the trip in the comforting embrace of Morning Glory. The upper part of the area contains a hatch leading to the Engine room, and a door leading to a small, private room where Setzer stands when not in the party.

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The world's destruction tears the ship apart, and the Returners are scattered. While she followed security detail, she wasn't the most competent at her job and spent most of her time wishing for something more exciting to do, playing cards, and chasing after Midnight.

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Here they reunited with P, and in a large battle both U and Deus were killed. Blackjack saved Glory and fought her way out, though Operative Lighthooves escaped.

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Blackjack falcon airship is used to attack the Floating Continentand during the end of the worldthe Returners leap off the continent onto the airship to escape. This pegasus introduced herself as Morning Glorywho then joined the group.

Chasing EC Edit Shortly after their encounter with the Crusaders, Blackjack and P found their way to an old Weather Monitoring Station, where some malfunctioning robots had slaughtered a group of strangely under-armed Enclave pegasi. Glory was among them, completely at ease blackjack falcon her own pennsylvania gambling in bars. Throughout her time in the stable she continually felt her inadequacies compared to her mother and had great difficulty bonding with anypony due to the intimidating nature of her future role as head of security.

It was as Blackjack was being thanked by the freed zebras, however, that Lancer showed his true colours.

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Blackjack would return to Chapel, which Sanguine had attacked and taken hostage.