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I have one you may like.

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This is one of the better bets you can make. However, next time, make the line bets with odds only, and don't bet the field, especially if it pays 2 to 1 only on both the 2 and While you usually win laying the odds, you have to risk more.

You don't make up for it laying the odds. Jon Moriarty from Danville, New Hampshire You should never remove a don't pass bet after a point is made!

I came up with a variation of the 7 method. This bet pays on all box numbers and the 7 is your friend.

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What are your thoughts on this strategy and what would the true odds be, if you did take the bets down after one hit? Pass line and two come bets with full double odds or with one come bet?

Have everything working on the come-out. The American Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling has the following "anything but seven" combination of craps bets that shows a net win on any number except 7. Run it through the simulators to watch it work! This method is good for a choppy to hot table.

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Run that on your sim first. This bet can be hedged with a bet on the hard 4 or However you are suffering a higher combined house edge by betting on both the pass and don't pass and it will cost you in the long run.

Then you take them down and wait for the end of the roll.

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This rate of return isn't bad but could be better. You leave the bets working till one of them is hit.

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Yes, betting on both does increase you chances of winning on any one bet. Wait until the shooter establishes a point. This method is good for a choppy to semi hot table.

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This system is another regression system to use when you play craps. In craps, could one gain an advantage over the house by making both a Pass and Don't Pass bet one unit each and then playing the Don't Pass odds?

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The hollywood casino pa christmas hours is thrown, so you take both bets down and wait for the end of the roll.

Limit your exposure until you find a "qualified" five rolls without a 7 shooter. It is a mostly conservative and adaptable way of playing.

Which the tables are most of the time. Does having three different bets working superior to two? Ernie from Hernando Beach, Florida Unlike most gambling writers, I don't put much emphasis on betting change delivery slot currys. Would the Kelly strategy be helpful to me?

Nice strategy to milk the comp system.

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